I am a business angel, entrepreneur, board & ICO advisor in the logistics tech, fintech, and Blockchain disruption space and I am CEO of Capital Springboard - Singapore’s leading peer-to-peer invoice financing platform for SMEs. Capital Springboard facilitates trade for SMEs by granting them access to working capital provided by investors which include, accredited investors, institutional investors, HNWIs, IFAs and family offices. Launched in June 2016, the platform has garnered strong interest amongst accredited investors and local SMEs. Prior to this I was Global CEO of DHL Global Forwarding, Freight leading the world’s largest freight forwarding and road freight company and a management board member of Deutschepost DHL. I also held Region CEO roles and board roles for DHL Express the world’s leading International Express company, as CEO DHL Express Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East, and CEO DHL Americas.
Naviin Kapoor, a Blockchain consultant and a business transformation leader with more than eleven and half years of experience in project management and business analysis and more than one year of experience in ethereum, bitcoin, hyperledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger tecnology. He has also attained various industry certifications such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL Professional Scrum Master Level 1.
ADRIAN ARORA Advisor, Mentor of HELIXHILLS project
Adrian is an avid supporter of the Blockchain, its technology, past, present and "THE" future. He is a Serial Entrepreneur and has been a Venture Crypto Investor for the past 3 years. He is an Advisory Board Member of various Blockchain projects around the world - especially focussed on promoting, conceptualizing, marketing and guiding the budgets for advertising spend on these projects. He is also the Founder of AMICORUM.LIVE - a ticket re-sale ecosystem and has lived in 5 different continents, loves different cultures, people and travel.

STEPHANOS CONSTANTINOU Investors relationship advisor
Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceutical and crypto industries. Skilled in Blockchain, ICO, Negotiation, Budgeting, Market Planning, Business Planning, and Operations Management. Strong business development professional, with a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Henley Management College, specialized in Business Administration and General Management.
DHANA TIMILSINA Business strategist advisor
Dhana is a passionate Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts and ICO application developer. A certified bitcoin professional. A ethereum developer. An engineer, advisor, consultant and researcher. He is also an experienced stock, forex and crypto trader. Dhana is also a serial entrepreneur, founder, co-founder, owner, investor and promoter of several companies around the globe. Dhana wears several hats and works for several companies and projects. Dhana is also a social leader, social activist and social media marketing expert. He studied and lived in several countries , speaks few languages and loves to learn and experience the cultures around the world. He has friends and connections all over the world.
He is member of the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) ICO advisory board. Blockchain expert, currently takes position of business analyst in big token-sale provider ICOBox. ICO marketing professional, 1+ year experience in preparation and launching ICOs. , 2+ years in cryptocurrency trading and 5 years experience in international companies, 3+ years in Digital Marketing. His experience started from cryptocurrency trading and at the moment stay at advisory board of 7 successful ICOs

ANDREW ANDIEIEV Technology advisor of HELIXHILLS project
Andrew Andrieiev is a Blockchain strategist and ICO specialist. Responsible for enter new prospective markets, Andrew assists in business development, funding and public relations. His career choice stems from his innate passion for negotioations. Andrew brings ideation, strategy and connecting opportunities to the team.
KENNETH CUCCHIA Strategic Marketing & Growth Advisor/HELIXHILLS PROJECT
Kenneth graduated from Seton Hall University and is an entrepreneur and strategic marketer by trade. The journey began with the founding of Deals4Meals in June 2010. Kenneth has developed partnerships with some of the largest companies in the world and is a workaholic in every sense of the word. Today, Kenneth is actively working on projects that utilize Blockchain Technology with a focus on Higher Education and General e-commerce solutions and spends his free time researching cryptocurrencies and developing lucrative Altcoin investment strategies.
Cryptocurrency Enthusiast with Network Marketing background, Local Advisor for ICOs, Bounty Management & Ann Thread Design & Ann Thread Management in bitcointalk, Billingual Telegram Moderator for ICOs, Translations: Whitepaper + Ann + Bounty + Website + Articles into German & Turkish, Token / Coin Listing for ICOs in medium size Exchanges like KuCoin, Currently, I am working with the best local crypto youtubers and local crypto websites together,


16+ years in IT, financial services, launch and promotion of new products and services experience. Sales & Marketing professional with +16 years track record of success through strategic market planning and ability to meet goals as well as identify and develop new opportunities in consumer electronic/IT market. Excellent communication skills with ability to develop and leverage relationships at all levels within and outside the organization. Well experienced in a company matrix environment. Committed, self-confident, sociable and work with enthusiasm. Core competencies: Business development; Strategic product development and planning; Sales forecasting and Growth planning; Customer relationship management; Key account management and Competitive market knowledge. Specialties: Project Management & Account Management in different tech. environments , 16 years high tech project/program management experience in various fields , extensive international experience, ICO Trusted Advisor, Business Development, Account Management, product introduction, market introduction, industrialization system integration and product deployment in complex multifunctional environments).
OLES KOGUT Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
20+ years’ experience in financial services, private equity, mezzanine financing, and project financing advisory services, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions services. Professional Risk Manager (PRM).Over 10 years of experience in valuation, risk, and consulting at AIG, Ernst & Young ets. Managing Partner at SORTIS investment company
DMITRIY GAVRILOV CO-Founder HelixHills CTO (Chief technical officer)
Working in the IT sector, many companies saw a recurring situation - sales force is the least automated unit. But without good software to build the perfect customer service is not possible. Create a single system which includes marketing, sales, and service - is the task of deciding which any company receives a steady stream of satisfied customers. We will help you achieve this by choosing CRM tools, working individually with each company.

VITALIY LIPOVETSKIY CO-Founder HELIXHILLS Chief business officer (CBO)
10+ years in IT, financial services, launch and promotion of new products and services experience. Sales & Marketing professional with +10 years track record of success through strategic market planning and ability to meet goals as well as identify and develop new opportunities in consumer electronic/IT market.
VLADIMIR VORONIN Marketing manager – HELIXHILLS project
Creative and dynamic, both analytical and innovative, experienced in the roles of marketing management at local and international level in multinational cross cultural organizations. Extensive experience in development marketing communication activities, deployment strategies to continue to grow market share, planning, budgeting, account and relationship management, events coordination, social media and sales. .
VADIM BRAIM-KLYUGVANT Marketing director
Experienced project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology industry. Strong program and project management professional skilled in UI/UX, Customer Service, User Experience and E-commerce over 10+ years experience.

ANASTASIIA MALOVA Community manager – HELIXHILLS project
I am successful, educated, professional Marketing Manager. I have three years of proven success in Digital Marketing Media; Specialized in the USA world marketing and talented in identifying the USA market trends and customer needs to create highly targeted marketing campaigns. Marketing Specialist with an entrepreneurial mindset, and a strong passion for technology. I'm passionate about digital marketing social media. Over the past several years, she has developed her professional marketing field focused on driving high-volume sales and growing business. Well-experienced in Brand Management, Marketing, Communications, Social Media, Public Relations.Her creative approach to branding, storytelling and taking customers on unique journeys, has allowed her to achieve some highly engaging campaigns and strong brand identities.
MARINA MURLYAN Business Analyst, ICO Manager, Marketing Manager
I help businesses and entrepreneurs grow through social media management, digital marketing, and customer service. I have focused on broadening my knowledge on these because I feel it is important for entrepreneurs to know how to market their businesses, and take care of their clients. Digital marketing and social media management rapidly change due to fast phased lifestyle and the technology. My proficiency involves digital marketing, social media management, online exposure, lead generation, web designing, and content management. My experience and ingenuity in customer service will ensure you of great reputation and a pleasant relationship as your clientele grows. I handle projects from different online industries worldwide and accomplished optimal results. I work with a team of passionate and talented people on some projects.