Seamless cooperation between service consumers and providers is achieved through a sequence of specialised smart contracts that help users find each other and enter into agreements executed between sellers, buyers, and, if necessary, third parties.


A system where smart contracts are used as intended, and tokens have the value of real money secured by the most demanded resource on the planet — Human resources.


The benefit of smart contracts are that their creation does not represent the implementation of a subjective concept; they represent our society in a microcosm.


We provide the ability to exchange the best professional services to help businesses realize their potential by facilitating the process of having productive meetings, negotiations, traveling, making and receiving payments, time management, cost estimates, performance guarantees, and more


Financial security of several parties is guaranteed by HILL tokens connected to Smart Contracts, which creates the optimal condition for trust-based cooperation that is beyond the control of the company, bank or government. In short – as a freelancer, you will never have to think “what if they don’t pay me?” again.


Building our professional services exchange is what makes all of the above possible.